Event and Wellness Programs

Employee and Wellness Massage

Reduce employee stress and boost resident or employee Morale! Chair massage or table massage at your health fair, senior assisted living facility, employee appreciation day, or any other corporate event available

Bridal Wedding Massage

Treat the bride and/or her girls either at her bachelorette party or private quarters just before the big day! Ease her stress and help her relax so she can be happy for her big day! Pre-bridal massage will help her feel amazing!

On - Site Event Massage

Are you having a special event in your backyard, party location, or sports event? Hire a trained massage therapist to bring either a massage chair or table and wow your guests with amazing mini massages!

Contact for Events and Wellness Programs

Email Ti@massagebasics.net or Call (631) 600 - 3232 for more information